2015 Winners

Here are the winners for the 2015 Belikin La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge :

  • Bravery and Heroic Action Awards- Belize Bank Bulldogs and Westrac Stingers. A second award was also presented to both teams by Oceana for the heroic actions that saved a person’s life.
  • Perseverance Award donated by The National Celebrations Commission: Whateva Boys

Male Division

1st Place- BTL Cobbs Arms
2nd Place- NICH
3rd Place- OCB Wave Makers

Female Division

1st Place- Koop Sheet Metal
2nd Place- Belize Bank Bulldogs Female Team
3rd Place- Belize Coast Guardians

Family Division

1st Place- Slim and Trim Like Guava Limb
2nd Place- Gentle, Bubble and Grind

Pleasure Craft Division

1st Place- Print Belize Wrobel and Co.
2nd Place- BDF Weh Deh Deh
3rd Place- Team Police Crime Fighters

Intramural Division

1st Place- Western Home Supplies Happy Cow BTL St. Ignatius
2nd Place- Whatteva Boys
3rd Place- Thirds

Mixed Division

1st Place- BDF Wave Runners
2nd Place- Green and Blue Canoe Oars
3rd Place- You Can

Masters Division

1st Place- What A Ting
2nd Place- Grumpy Old Men

Thank You to the Corporate sponsors who made the race possible: Belikin, The Belize Tourism Board, BECOL, The Belize Bank, Oceana, Smart, Cuellos’, Dot Bz, Internetworks and EData.

Thanks as well to Chukka, Belize Safety and Rescue Team, BDF, Belize Police Department and everyonelse who assisted.

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