Safety message for all paddlers

This is something we would like all the paddlers to consider, we encourage the use of a lifejacket vs. a PFD. It provides a more secure and safer method when paddling. ALWAYS REMEMBER YOUR SAFETY IS PRIORITY.

Just some use-full information that you may find helpful.

The Differences Between a Lifejacket and PFD

A lifejacket is NOT the same as a personal flotation device (PFD), although in many cases they look very similar. The terms “lifejacket” and “personal flotation device (PFD)” are often used interchangeably but there are very important differences. See below for a chart on the differences between a lifejacket and PFD.

The body naturally bends forward in the water and takes a face-down position. A lifejacket is designed to turn a body into a face-up, head-out-of-the-water position, allowing even the unconscious person to breathe.

Lifejackets have more buoyancy than PFDs. Most of the buoyancy material is in the front design making the lifejacket bulkier and less comfortable to wear, however, they work. They are only designed in red, yellow or orange. These colours make it easier to be seen in a rescue situation.

Weak swimmers should wear a lifejacket; a lifejacket is the best choice. It will give you the best possible chance for survival should you end up in the water unexpectedly.

A PFD is designed for flotation and to keep a conscious person’s head out of the water in calm conditions.

PFDs have less flotation making them less buoyant. It also makes them less bulky and more comfortable allowing for greater movement than a lifejacket. If you see flotation material on the back of the device, this indicates that it is a PFD.

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